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Our Mission

From the moment we jump on our bicycles we will be passing through beautiful scenery, talking to wonderful locals and eating fantastic food. So, naturally we are going to be having a good time. 

While SE Asian countries get a bit of a bad ‘wrap’ when it comes to plastic. Our aim is to listen to locals, hear their ideas, their solutions and riff about the future of the plastic menace. Raise awareness of what is and can be achieved and maybe a little a money for their cause. 

No one is perfect, but we will also be doing our best to avoid the stuff and seeing how easy or difficult responsible ‘less plastic’ travel is in this part of the world. Join us and share ideas, we’re all in this together.


The Journey 

As we make our way through Vietnam, we’ll meet with key plastic reduction and environmental groups from Hanoi to HoiAn to Ho Chi Minh City. Talking to Clean and Green Vietnam, Live and Learn Vietnam and all of their friends. Participating in cleanups, seeing programs in action, what works and what doesn’t.

Through the Mekong and into Cambodia’s Phenom Penh, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat we will talk with Plastic Free Cambodia and Rehash Trash. Then onto Thailand, finishing up in Bangkok. 

Cleanups, education, business solutions, and anything else they want to show us. An amazing opportunity to learn from others and hear what works or what could work if they had the funding. The solutions to reducing single use plastic are many and varied, top up and bottom down. So saddle up and come for a ride. 



16/06/18 - Day 0: Arrive Hanoi

17/06/18 - Day 1: Depart Hanoi

18/06/18 - Day 2: Mai Chau

20/06/18 - Day 4: Ninh Binh - Overnight train 

21/06/18 - Day 5: Hue 

22/06/18 - Day 6: Hoi An

24/06/18 - Day 8: Quy Nhon 

25/06/18 - Day 10: Nha Trang

27/06/18 - Day 11: Dalat 

28/06/18 - Day 12: Mui Ne

29/06/18 - Day 13: Ho Chi Minh City

01/07/18 - Day 15: Mekong Delta 

02/07/18 - Day 16: Chau Doc 

03/07/18 - Day 17: Phnom Penh

06/07/18 - Day 20: Siem Reap

09/07/18 - Day 23: Sakao

10/07/18 - Day 24: Kabinburi

12/07/18 - Day 26: Bangkok